Contact Affordable Lawn Care Experts That Can Install Sod!

Are you thinking about having sod installed for your lawn in your backyard? The property that you purchased doesn’t have good-quality soil, to begin with, and it would take time to plant seeds and wait for the lawn grass to grow. That said, perhaps having sod installed would be a good option for you. But if you don’t know how to install sod, hire affordable lawn care professionals such as RLD Landscaping & Construction instead! We can install sod in your property in Lynnfield, MA.

The Benefits of Installing Sod!

Sod for the turf can be beneficial because it is easy to install and convenient to maintain, and it can even keep weeds at bay. The installation process of sod to your turf is relatively easy if you have the right tools and know the appropriate techniques. Without one or the other, it would be a difficult task for sure. Moreover, because the sod covers the soil, weeds will not grow in the first place. Lastly, sod is easy to maintain because you won’t have to deal with brown patches if you don’t have the time to add fertilizer or mulch. If you need professional help, there are affordable lawn care services that do this type of installation work.


Choose Us to Install Sod!

Our sod installation service follows a step-by-step procedure starting with the initial inspection all the way down to mowing. We will check which area the sod can be installed, take the measurements needed, and purchase the materials and tools required. We will then begin with the installation process by clearing up the vicinity and removing pebbles, fallen leaves, twigs, and debris so that the sod will have a smooth surface. We will then lay down the sod and adjust accordingly while making sure that the soil and the bottom of the sod line up properly. We will then use a lawn roller to set the lawn firmly onto the ground. Want sod for your property? We’ve got you covered!


As a provider of affordable lawn care services in Lynnfield, MA, we can do the installation of sod for your turf. Want a new lawn? Contact RLD Landscaping & Construction right away at (978) 216-2281 so that we can make the preparations as soon as possible.

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