Popular Tiny Trees for Landscaping

Most Common Little Trees for Landscapes

Not everyone has space in their yard for a massive oak or sequoia. Fortunately, many little trees—referred to as dwarf trees in the landscaping industry—are appropriate for tiny yards. Typically, these trees reach their full height of 15 feet or less. They are less difficult to maintain than big trees, and they are also simple to incorporate into the landscape. In general, pruning and training trees to grow in a specific direction are easier tasks. Additionally, a lot of little trees can even be grown in containers, which you might be able to bring indoors for the winter if your climate isn’t conducive to their growth. The little trees listed below are excellent for landscapes in small areas.


Usually cultivated as a shrub, wintersweet is easily trained to become a small tree. When mature, it typically grows to be between 10 and 15 feet tall and 8 and 12 feet broad. This is the perfect plant to place next to a deck or patio because of the fragrant golden blossoms that appear over the winter. Ensure that the soil is wet but not drenched.

Franklin Tree

Dwarf Franklinia alatamaha trees can develop either a single trunk or several stems. Late in the summer, five-petal, sweet-smelling blooms start to form on it. Even though it can reach a height of 20 feet as a tree, this is unusual. It stands between eight and ten feet tall on average. The soil must immediately drain because this plant cannot tolerate standing water.

Hardy Orange

The resilient orange, a member of the citrus family, does bear little fruits that ripen in the autumn. They taste more like lemons than oranges, however, and are highly acidic. Instead of eating them, many gardeners choose to leave them on the tree for aesthetic reasons. This plant can develop into an 8 to 15-foot high shrub or small tree. After it has finished flowering, it can be clipped, but beware of its pointed thorns.

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