Lawn Care Overview: The Most Common Services Offered

The Most Common Services Offered By Lawn Care Companies


If you have been doing landscape maintenance all by yourself and then suddenly availed services from lawn care companies, it is a natural instinct to hover around like a mother hen just to be sure that the proper lawn care procedures are performed. Of course, you don’t want to relinquish the control, right? But to reduce the paranoia, here are the common services you can expect when hiring a contractor so that you will know what additional services you would want to request:


Hedge Trimming

Most homeowners want their hedges to be perfectly trimmed to achieve the perfect shape they desire. If you are one of those homeowners, you can definitely rejoice as this is a standard service commonly offered by local landscapers. In fact, this is the most basic service they offer to their customers. It is only a matter of availing additional services if you want something more to be done on your hedges.



Another common service lawn care companies offer is hardscaping. This is probably the service that most homeowners get meticulous with since it involves a lot of detailed work to follow the homeowner’s aesthetic preferences. If you want to achieve a mosaic look in your lawn, you really have to hover over the details and the ornaments used.


Leaf Removal and Mowing

If you merely want to enjoy the convenience of having someone clean your lawn for you, this is the most simple service you can avail from lawn care companies. Leaf removal contractors typically use blowers and rakes to clear the leaves from the lawn and leave them on the curb for the city to pick up. As for mowing, contractors use lawn mower in a skillful manner to properly trim the lawn grass in a short amount of time.


If you are willing to relinquish your control over your lawn in Lynnfield, MA and let the professionals take care of it, choose RLD Landscaping & Construction to do it for you! If you choose us, you can definitely guarantee these basic services plus additional services according to how you want your lawn to be. Give us a call at (978) 216-2281 today!

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