Frequently Asked Questions

The process of landscaping is by no means an easy undertaking and requires careful planning and systematic execution to get right. We at RLD Landscaping & Construction have spent years perfecting our techniques and fine-tuning our approaches to deliver exceptional results. We also address many queries on this page to act as a source of reference for new clients to rely upon when they are looking to hire a professional service provider. If you have specific questions and want them to be addressed, we can be contacted for the same. Our customer service is second to none across the entire Lynnfield, MA area.

What are the perks of professional landscape care?

Getting expert lawn care done instead of attempting it yourself means not having to spend your free time or needing to take time out of your schedule to ensure that your landscape is given the care it needs to thrive. It can avoid making costly mistakes and even provides customers with the ability to get their precise creative visions met when it comes to their ideal landscape.

How frequently should lawn upkeep be done?

The frequency of getting lawn care services is entirely dependent on the time of the year, the condition of the landscape, and the desired results of property owners. Mowing lawns has a different timeline to the process of fertilizing and irrigation. To get a comprehensive solution, it is better to hire experts who will put together an entire schedule for optimal results.

What are the perks of sod?

Investing in sod means never having to worry about patchy lawns. Once installed, sod requires significantly less irrigation and makes for a much denser lawn. It prevents soil erosion and makes for a worthwhile investment if property owners are looking to get instant lawns. Affordable landscaping makes getting sod installed on your landscape as cost-effective as possible.

How experienced are you?

As the ideal name among many lawn care companies, we have been in this industry for the past 12 years, undertaking numerous demanding projects and executing them with perfection and without any deviation. Our work ethic and the skills that we bring to the table are second to none.

How to make trees last longer?

In order to make any trees last longer, it is important to provide them with the necessary care and nutrients they need to battle adverse weather conditions and stand tall. Hiring experts simplifies this entire process and makes getting pruning, mulch addition, and even irrigation in a timely fashion a lot simpler.

We are widely recognized for our skills and are here to ensure that the customers we serve will be more than confident about hiring us for their requirements. We are capable professionals who are open to addressing even more queries that are unique to potential customers. We urge them to reach out to RLD Landscaping & Construction at (978) 216-2281, and our customer service experts will be happy to help. Our dedication is recognized as unmatched across the entire Lynnfield, MA area.

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