Easy to Do Lawn Care Procedures You Can Do All on Your Own!

The Most Effective and Affordable Lawn Care Procedures You Can Easily Try


If you are new to the neighborhood and you aren’t familiar with local lawn companies, it is an instinct to rely on DIY skills. After all, who else can best repair or improve your home than you,  the homeowner, right? If your lawn is in dire need of maintenance, you can always do these easy to do affordable lawn care maintenance procedures until you find a reliable lawn care company to perform these things:

Mow your lawn correctly

The most important thing you have to remember is that a beautiful lawn starts with the right mowing procedure. It is important that you check first the blades of your mower if they are sharp enough to do the task. Once the sharpness of the blades is secured, it is advised by professional lawn companies to only cut 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches tall of your turf.


Fertilize your lawn to perfection

Another important procedure is to fertilize your lawn to provide it with the necessary nutrients it needs. In fact, this is easily done because you only have to use organic materials such as animal manure. Make sure that when you apply fertilizer, you have properly observed the proper timing.


Repair those bare spots

Lastly, if you can see that your lawn has some bare spots, you can actually remedy it by reseeding it to help it regain back its lushness. Fall is the ideal time to reseed cool-season grasses.


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